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Silky Sol Blooming Roots Shampoo + Conditioner + Growth Oil Bundle Deal

Silky Sol Vegan Restorative Aesthetics

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Great product
Great product for natural and permed hair
It works!

Blooming Roots Hair Retention + Re-growth Treatment Bundle 

  • Step 1 Blooming Roots Shampoo- Blends of Soothing Aloe, Detoxifying Bentonite Clay (Purifies the scalp by pulling harsh toxins and damaging free radicals from the hair follicle) Shampoo does not have a soapy lather. The added clay may minimize lather effects. Rey application directly to the scalp and massage vigorously for a minimum of 5 minutes. 
  • Step 2 Blooming Roots Conditioner- Blends of Organic Aloe, Stimulating Nettle Roots + Black Cumin Seed Oil & Nettle Root ( Stimulates the roots of the hair to wake up and become more fertile, producing healthy new growth) 
  • Step 3 Hair Food Rapid Repair Growth drops(Fertilize the infertile hair roots with 1 drop, which delivers a burst of super nutrients to malnourished hair roots). Loaded with Vitamin D and Zinc to revitalize roots, and make them fertile again. 
  • PRP Maintenance Package

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