Nourishing Rice Water and Cherry Bark Deep Protein Rich Conditioner & Co-Wash

Silky Sol Vegan Restorative Aesthetics

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Beyond Happy!!!

I have been using these products for a few years now and share my story with anyone who will listen. UNDENIABLE HAIR GROWTH, HAIR IS HEALTHY, AND HAS A NATURAL SHINE!!!

I am a customer for life!!

2nd Bottle

My hair loves this rice water deep conditioner. It really moisturizes my curls. I am now on my second bottle. You definitely have a life long customer for sure. I am extremely cautious about what I put in my hair and pay close attention to the health of it after I use a product and this is definitely a staple for my deep conditioner.


This is truly my favorite product from the line. It truly conditions my hair and leaves it moisturized after I rinse it out, which is a key indicator that it does what it says it will do. I will be purchasing more of the deep conditioner for sure. This may be my new favorite deep conditioner.


I have used this conditioner in the past and this time i bought some for my mom as a gift and she absolutely loves it the smell and most importantly the quality is supreme. My mom is a nurse and very huge into natural health and when she saw the ingredients she kept thanking me for buying it for her. I must say thank you to Silky Sol for making and selling a great quality product

Turn Your Low Porosity Hair From Dry to Juicy in Minutes.

Small Batch Handcrafted Hair Cocktail. 

Active Ingredients: Rice-Water, Honey, Aloe, and Cherry Bark. 

Filled with protein nutrients that penetrate the shafts of the hair allowing it to hold in moisture 10x's longer. 

Deep Conditioner Directions: Apply a generous amount to shafts of hair at least two times a week. Leave in for 30 mins then comb through.

Pre-Poo or Co-Wash Directions: Apply to hair before washing, after you remove your protective styles. Comb through from the bottom to the root. 

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