High Shine + Softening cold pressed and pure Sunflower& Ricebrand for DRY HAIR STRANDS | 8oz squeeze bottle.

Silky Sol Vegan Restorative Aesthetics

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The perfect hydration oil blended to treat low porosity DRY HAIR STRANDS. 

 Tropical Caribbean blends of Ultra Hydrating Sunflower & Ricebrand Oils concentrate for extra slip, sealing! 

  • Deeply conditions and moisturizers the hair, making it look shiny and radiant without feeling greasy.
  • Helps replenish the lack of healthy oils on the scalp.
  • Soften and smoothens out the hair strands.
  • Helps prevent further dryness and/or damage to the scalp and hair strands.
  • Reputed to provide some heat protection against styling tools.
  • Reputed to help reduce hair breakage by providing intense hydration.
  • Conditions and Shines
  • Reduces Frizz
  • Promoted Curl Stretch
  • Soothes irritated scalp after braids
  • Creates a light shimmer to dull hair 
  • Create a Hot Oil Treatment.

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