Dry-to-Juicy Hair Protecting Lotion | Silky Sol Vegan Restorative Aesthetics .
Dry-to-Juicy Hair Protecting Lotion | Silky Sol Vegan Restorative Aesthetics .
Dry-to-Juicy Hair Protecting Lotion | Silky Sol Vegan Restorative Aesthetics .

Dry-to-Juicy Hair Protecting Lotion

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Search no more this will be the last hair lotion you will ever purchase and this is why! 

Dry-to-Juicy Hair Protecting Lotion "Wild Rice Extract and Aloe Butter Creamy" Thick, Creamy, Health Conscious Brittle Hair Solution. Does your hair suffer from SUPER DRY curls, coils, or kinks?  If you answered, "yes" this is perfect protection, hydration, and conditioning butter used by Tribes of Ethiopia. These tribes are known for their luscious hydrated tresses. 

  • For Curly2c-3c & Coily 4a-4c Hair
  • Naturally, Stop Split Ends 
  • Naturally Anti-Shrinkage 
  • Natural Dry Hair Solution
  • Natural Anti breakage Solution
  • Thick and Nutrient filled Ivory Shea + Soy Butter

Got Dry Weak Hair? We have the solution! Silky Sol uses the power of plants + sunlight = photosynthesis process. This process converts cosmic sunlight energy into natural botanical energy, which we use as natural fuel supplements to restore health to the scalp, and shafts of curls, coils, & multicultural textured hair. The energy is harnessed by blending plant pulp extracts along with multiple live essential botanical oils together to reintroduce fermented energized nutrients topically to revitalize, strengthen, detangle, and nourish textured hair.

  1. Perfectly hand-whipped fermented Wild Rice-Water extracts + Aloe Butter!
  2. The creamiest hair care solution for extremely dry, brittle, and dull hair. 
  3. Perfect for any natural style needing a luminous shine. 
  4. Protects from Frizz.
  5. Aids in Reducing Shrinkage.
  6. Locks in 90% of moisture in all hair types.
  7. Highly Concentrated * a little goes a long way!

THE GOOD STUFF! Wild Rice-water extracts hemp oil, Aloe leaf extract, RawHoney(Mel), Prubus Amygdalus Dulcis(Sweet-Almond)Oil, HydrolyzedKeratin, CetylAlcohol. Silky Sol Carrier Oils Melanin Magic!

Please perform a patch test for allergies. If allergic discontinue use, consult a physician. 
This is not for medical or internal use. Please keep away from. children and store in a cool and dry place. If the product melts due to extreme heat. Place in the refrigerator overnight in the garden. 

Shelf Life 2yrs
236ml. / 8oz.

* Due to Texas heat and the fact that our products are 100% natural, you may receive this product melted. If this is the case for you, simply place the product inside the refrigerator and it will become solid once again.

Customer Reviews

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Gladys Bailey

When Will The Rice Cream Be Back In

Stop buying rice

I purchased the complete kit for each one of my nieces with natural hair and one with perm hair and they loves it. Now she can stop use all the rice in the house for the rice water treatment.


It works