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It's no secret that textured hair is a lot of work and can be a struggle to maintain. We know this because we have textured hair like yours. Products over the counter were not created with your hair in mind and most of the time they cause more damage by the harsh unhealthy chemicals in them. Sometimes our idea of a perfect style is not so ideal for our hair to stay healthy. Many Gels, glues, and creams are severely damaging to our unique hair textures.
I was inspired to create vegan hair maintenance products that we could use multiple times that reverses existing damage and does NOT cause additional damage to our unique strands.
Silky Sol sells Vegan and Holistic inspired hair care products. Formulated with the earth fruit nectar and over essential 20 minerals for healthy hair growth. Our products are chemically treated or natural hair friendly. Designed to be hypoallergenic, safe, and sustainable. Try Silky Sol today where healthy hair is created never imitated! Be kind to your hair and it will grow. Start reversing the damage today!
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